Parent guide for newborn photography sessions

Dear new parents

First of all congratulations on becoming parents, there is no better feeling than to see your new baby being born. Of course, it will take some time to adjust to your new role as a parent, time moves so quickly that in the blink of an eye it seems that all of a sudden they have grown up right before your eyes. You can, however, freeze time during your new baby’s early days by scheduling in a newborn photography session to remember those cute little details. Newborn photography can be unpredictable ranging from content and settled one minute to fussy and upset the next.  I can provide you with some tips which will help make your new baby’s photo session flow more easily.

1: Feed your baby 30 minutes prior 


Try to feed your new baby 30 minutes before your arrival. Bring extra formulae (if bottle fed) and extra nappies. Newborn sessions can take a long time to do, up to 3 hours due to feeding and settle in-between different set ups.  Full tummies can equal getting them into a deeper sleep more easily. This also means that getting your new baby positioned into those beautiful curly poses are easier since they will be very relaxed. 🙂

Timing is everything


As soon as you know your due date this is the time to book in for your new baby’s first portrait session. Anywhere between day 5 – day 10 is ideal, why? well in your new baby’s early days they tend to sleep longer than older newborns, plus they are also still in the foetal position which lends a hand in achieving those beautiful curled up poses. Newborn sessions are usually best done in the morning times.

3: Dress for the occasion


For your first family portraits with your new baby neutral tones work best with baby’s skin tone, for example, earthy tones, creams etc., nothing too fussy as your new baby will either be naked or swaddled for the entire session. Bring your new baby dressed in a nappy and loosely fitted romper so that transitioning to a wrap etc. will be as fuss-free as possible. 🙂


4: Time for mum to relax


Apart from family shots mum really doesn’t need to do anything, if I need a second pair of hands to help with spotting etc. I would prefer dad or grandparent as your new baby will know his/her mum’s scent and will probably just want to eat all the time especially if you are breastfeeding. You can sit back and relax, enjoy having a bit of downtime for a few hours. 🙂


Warm wishes


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